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Protecting Private Businesses and Their Owners

Whether deciding between an LLC or a corporation, an s-corp or a c-corp, or any of the ten thousand other decisions that must be made to get up and going, Walker McMullan can give you the guidance you need to make smart decisions.
Need to make sure that you do not become personally liable for your company, Walker McMullan will show you how to keep your corporate books, hold shareholder meetings, record the decisions of the board of directors, so that the other side does not “pierce your corporate veil”.

Walker McMullan will also help you protect your intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, websites, etc.  There is a duty by the owner to protect its property or lose the protection that registration brings.

It seems each day that the government has another regulation requiring another set of paperwork, another class you have to send your employee to.  Keeping up with these demands can be time-consuming AND frustrating.  Let Walker McMullan guide you through the swamp of HR—we’ll keep you out of the regulatory quicksand.

Entity selection
Entity formation
Business records
• Corporations
• Articles of incorporation
• Corporate book
• LLC’s
• By-laws
• Resolutions
• Partnerships
• Operating agreements
• Partnership agreements
Board Meetings
• Stock transfer restrictions
• Agenda

Defense of discrimination lawsuits

• Minutes
Litigation between supplier and business
Employee policies
• Resolutions
Litigation between landlord and business
Formation of legally-binding policies
Employee handbooks
Purchase or sale of a business
Employment agreements
Succession planning
Non-compete agreements
Due diligence

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