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James McMullan

I was raised in Huntsville, Alabama in the seventies. My father was a rocket scientist and my mother was a home engineer. (Never ask a rocket scientist for a “little help” with your math homework.) I graduated from Grissom High School in the mid-eighties and the University of South Alabama in 1990. My undergraduate degree is in Fiction Writing. For several years while in the Mobile area, I had the great pleasure to live on Dauphin Island. My days were spent reading and writing and running my crab traps.  After working on a Master’s Degree in Fiction Writing, I left Mobile for Birmingham.

In Birmingham, I began my studies at Cumberland Law School, Samford University. I participated in the Environmental Law Society and was president of the International Law Society.  In 1996, I received my Juris Doctorate degree and passed the state bar exam later that year.  I “hung out my shingle” immediately afterwards setting up the Law Offices of James M. McMullan. 

My first office was in Birmingham, down in Southside, on a spot that is now the dining room for Dreamland BBQ. I then moved my office to Bessemer where I shared space with Billy Jewell and Jon Tindle for several years. My practice consisted of criminal defense, probate work, domestic relations, and working with small, private companies.  I joined Gentle, Pickens & Turner in the spring of 2004. While I still did some criminal defense and probate work, I also began to do more civil litigation, and bigger civil litigation. For several years, I litigated a dispute between shareholders of a small company that ended with my client being awarded several millions of dollars. I also got the chance to work on class action lawsuits, including the Jefferson County property tax case and the Jefferson County occupational tax case. I was retained by a Japanese seller of durable medical equipment to represent them in Birmingham’s federal court.  But, after six years at the firm, I was tired of “being locked up” in a tower: I wanted to get “my feet back on the street.”

And, that’s where I am now.  My friend and colleague, Brandon Walker, has joined me in starting a new firm: Walker McMullan LLC.  While we handle all of our old practice areas—criminal defense, DUI, probate work, wills, divorce, child custody—the firm’s focus is civil litigation, specifically, personal injury and business-versus-business litigation.

When I’m not working, my wife and kids like me to mow the lawn, paint various rooms in our house, and go to the park or bicycle riding. I enjoy the Grateful Dead and picking out books for others to read.

I’ve been practicing law long enough to know whether I can help you or not.  And, if I can’t help you, I know someone who can.


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